RECYCLED MULTI-BLUES PLASTIC RECRAFTED ECO-FRIENDLY GROCERY BAG-TOTE. UP-CYCLED KNITTED FUSED PLASTIC CRAFT-TOTE BAG. MADE FROM RECYCLED GROCERY, DRUGSTORE, BREAD PLASTIC BAGS. Help save the environment or your money with these frugal recycled craft items. If you want to cut down on the amount of grocery, Department, or Drugstore plastic bags that end up on the street or in our landfills, use one of our Unique Recycled fused plastic bags to shop with. Approx dimms: 15" x 15"-without plastic corked draw-string type handle. This totebag has a flat bottom to help it stand up when set down. We have partially fused this bag for added strength. No lining. Comes with pretty beads attached to ends of plastic corked draw-string type handle. Handkit in Thermal stitch pattern. We sell & craft Salvaged recycled up-cycled Eco-friendly gifts, crafted from recycled, reused and materials. These crafts are great for personal, business and corporate gifts. Use tham for grocery totebags, wheelchair totebags, shopping bags, etc. No 2 made exactly alike. HIPPIE CHIC STUFF!!